Jan 4, 2018

How Financial Infidelity Hurts Relationships and Credit Scores in Georgia

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Keeping secrets about money or credit cards in a relationship leads to financial infidelity. Here are a few tips on how Georgia consumers can avoid these issues.

May 15, 2017

How Trump’s Curbing of Financial Protections May Affect Michigan Consumers

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In the most recent version of the annual Top Ten Michigan Consumer Complaints list published annually by the Attorney General, credit and debt collection issues dominated once again. Still reeling from the Financial Crisis of 2008, many Michiganders are working to revive their credit scores. Consumers in the Mitten are also very concerned with credit [...]

Apr 4, 2017

How the Georgia Industrial Loan Act Fights Predatory Lending

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  Have you ever heard the term “predatory lending?” It might make you think of big animals with big teeth. And maybe that $200 you need to make it until your next payday is in the mouth of the meanest looking gator you’ve ever seen. You really need the cash, and the money’s right there, [...]