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Fix Your Credit Reports and Improve Your Credit Score – for FREE

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), all consumers are entitled to accurate credit reports. At Credit Repair Lawyers of America, we support this right by sending out dispute letters on behalf of clients in Minnesota with flawed credit reports. Then, if the lenders and credit bureaus don’t comply with our requests, we file lawsuits against them.

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Errors Often Found on Credit Reports

Credit repair is necessary because creditors and credit bureaus don’t properly handle consumer info. Credit report errors appear in a number of forms, but we run into certain types of mistakes over and over again. These include:

Old, Expired Debt: Negative credit report information should only hang around for a certain amount of time. Once the clock runs out, delinquencies, bankruptcies, and repossessions should disappear from credit reports. However, if they stay on past their expiration dates, they are considered errors.

Mixed Credit Files: Credit reporting agencies often confuse information belonging to consumers with the same name, especially if they live in the same town. Or, for example, with fathers and sons living in the same home, credit report mix-ups happen very frequently.

Discrepancies Between Credit Bureaus: Very few lenders report to all three major credit bureaus. For example, all three bureaus show an unpaid account by the lender. Then the account is paid off but the lender reports to only two of the three bureaus. Now there are two credit reports that show a “paid” account, whereas the third report is “unpaid.”

Incomplete Data from Creditors: Creditors are often the source for credit report errors when they only provide partial personal data. With only partial names and/or addresses, it’s easy for credit accounts to end up with the wrong consumers.

Bankruptcy Errors: Bankruptcy filers are at greater risk for credit report errors. For example, reaffirmed debs are often reported as $0 and closed. Also, creditors frequently report accounts included in bankruptcy as late or delinquent.

Minnesota Consumers Deserve Clean Credit Reports

According to the FCRA, all consumers have rights to accurate credit reports. However, creditors and credit reporting agencies don’t always make it easy to pursue these rights. Even though these organizations are largely responsible for credit report errors, they often put up resistance when consumers demand their removal.

This is where Credit Repair Lawyers of America can help. Supported by the FCRA, we fight stubborn lenders and credit bureaus with lawsuits – for FREE. Also, in some settled cases, our clients receive payment for damages.


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