Debt Collector Harassment

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End Debt Collector Abuse and Make Them Pay YOU

Debt collector harassment is a problem shared by many folks. In fact, about one out every seven Americans deals with abusive debt collectors at some point in their lives. However, there are laws against debt collector harassment, and every consumer has the right to respectful treatment. If you are mistreated by a debt collector, then we can make them stop – and possibly make them pay.

Ways debt collectors violate your rights and how you can benefit
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Debt Collector Harassment Tactics

Debt collectors use harassment tactics strategically, because they think that if they treat consumers poorly enough, they’ll pay up just to make them go away. Common tactics include:

  • Yelling, using harsh language, and belittling consumers over the phone;
  • Calling before 8:00 AM and after 9:00 PM (Minnesota time);
  • Threatening consumers with extreme measures, such as throwing them in jail or taking their personal property;
  • Calling and discussing someone’s debt with either family members, neighbors, or co-workers;
  • Telling consumers that they owe more than they actually do.

Put an End to Minnesota Debt Collector Harassment Right NOW

Federal law dictates that none of these behaviors are okay. So, if a debt collector tries such tactics with you or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, call Credit Repair Lawyers of America. We’ll make the harassment stop and also file a lawsuit against the offending debt collector. This service costs Minnesotans nothing out of pocket because, under the FDCPA, the defendants in successful actions are required to cover our costs and fees. Additionally, there is a good chance that they’ll have to pay YOU damages.


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