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Helping Minnesota Victims of ID Theft Fix their Credit Reports

Most Minnesota consumers understand that ID theft is a very real threat and take measures against it. However, it seems that no matter how careful you are, some personal information remains vulnerable. Granted, many ID thieves are caught by Minnesota authorities and charged for their crimes, but this doesn’t erase the credit report damage they cause.

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Repairing Credit Damage after ID Theft

A big part of identity theft recovery involves repairing damaged credit reports and restoring your good name. If left undisputed, bogus credit report items drag credit scores down for years to come. So, it’s important for Minnesotans harmed by identity thieves to start the recovery process quickly and take advantage of trustworthy resources.

First and foremost, all Minnesota identity theft victims must file a police report before doing anything else. It’s also important to retain a copy of the police report for your own files. Later, when you start the credit repair process, you won’t get very far without this very important document. In fact, creditors  won’t consider your disputes valid unless they are accompanied by a police report.

We Repair ID Theft Damaged Credit Reports in Minnesota for Free

Speaking of creditors and credit reporting agencies, these organizations often make the credit repair process after identity theft harder than necessary. Regrettably, these organizations often put up resistance when ID theft victims report fraudulent credit report items. Don’t worry, though. As a Minnesota consumer, you can get free help from an experienced credit repair attorney. At Credit Repair Lawyers of America, we help our clients through every step of ID theft recovery.

We write their dispute letters and mail them to the correct lenders and credit bureaus and put their documents in order. Then, if necessary, we file lawsuits on their behalf. All of these services cost our clients nothing out of pocket because the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) demands payment from the defendants in successful actions. In some cases, these defendants must also pay damages to our clients.


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