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We have been fixing credit reports at no charge to our clients in many states around the country for a long time. We think its time to help the good folks of North Carolina. If you have items on your credit report that are inaccurate, you no longer have to pay thousands of dollars to lawyer to fix. We are credit repair lawyers and we will not charge you anything. We charge our fees and costs to credit reporting agencies and the lenders that report their information improperly on your credit report.

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Why clients in many other states trust us to clean their credit reports

“Free credit repair? Are you serious?” are questions that we get all the time. Indeed, many skeptics still live with the burden of inaccurate credit reports that depress their credit scores because they cannot accept the fact that we charge our fees and costs to the defendants that we sue. Better still, if we are able to fix your credit report with just a letter sent credit bureaus, we still charge you nothing.

How We Get Paid

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal statute that paves the way for you to fix your credit report with a free credit lawyer. The process is quite simple. We send a letter to each credit reporting agency that is reporting inaccurate information about you. They have 5 days to send our dispute letter to the lenders reporting that bad information. Together, they have 30 days to investigate our dispute. If they agree with us, they will remove the inaccurate information. At that point, you are done and will owe us exactly NOTHING. If they disagree with us, we sue them. We force them to clean up your credit report, pay you damages plus our costs and attorneys’ fees. At that point you will still owe us exactly NOTHING.

Still skeptical? Check out our Google reviews and Avvo. On Google, look for Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers. That was our former name before going national.

To learn more about “Free” check out our webpage that describes it particularly.

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Identity Theft

Little can be more frustrating than having your hard-earned money and credit stolen by some low life. Unfortunately, these kinds of crimes are happening more rather than less. Today’s technology along with the data breaches by several large companies that collect a significant amount of information about you, make identity theft almost inevitable. If or when you become a victim, contact us. We can fix your credit reports for free.

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Debt Collection Harassment – We Bring The Fight To Them

If you owe money, join the club. Millions of us Americans do. That surely does not give a debt collector the right to call us at all hours of the day, call us at work, threaten us or tell our friends and family about our money issues. Enter the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”). With this federal law, we stop debt collectors from harassing and abusing our clients. We can get you damages, costs and make the debt collectors pay our fees and costs.

The days of sitting silently in embarrassment over owing money are over. If you have been abused by a debt collector, let us help you today. Again, you will owe us nothing and we will stop the calls.

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How do we provide free credit repair?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), the law that we use, the credit bureaus and lenders are responsible for paying our fees and costs. Therefore, we can get both your credit report fixed and credit repaired at no charge to you.

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Let’s start a conversation about how we can help you with your credit issues. Call attorney Gary Nitzkin at (980) 498-3767 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation, or email him through our contact page.

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