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    Why Our Clients Trust Us with Credit Report Repair and More

    Credit Repair Lawyers of America Eric W. Dickey Esq Florida Attorney

    Our history as a law firm goes back to 1990, as well as shifting our focus to credit report repair in 2008. In addition to cleaning up credit reports, we also mend credit reports damaged by id theft, and stop debt collector harassment. All of these services cost our clients nothing out of pocket, and we look forward to offering our legal support to Florida residents. Our business model is simple. Federal statutes allow us to collect our costs and fees from the defendants in settled cases. So the bad guys pay and you don’t.

    Credit Report Repair

    Many people in Florida may find it surprising that creditors and credit reporting agencies often make mistakes. In fact, due to the careless handling of consumer information, about 80% of credit reports are accidentally damaged. Also, a lot of the resulting errors on credit reports are harmful to credit scores. This is why most Floridians need credit repair.

    Credit Repair Lawyers of America provides these necessary credit repair services. We help identify credit report errors and send letters of dispute to the appropriate credit bureaus, but our expert assistance doesn’t end there. Unfortunately, the credit reporting bureaus don’t always cooperate with our requests. When this happens, we sue them on behalf of our clients for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In successful actions, we make them pay our fees, and sometimes we’re able to collect damages for our clients.

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    Credit Report Repair
    Correcting Credit Reports after Identity Theft

    Correcting Credit Reports after Identity Theft

    Sadly, there are more cases of identity theft reported in Florida than in most states, so Floridians know how devastating it is to its victims. Identity thieves destroy finances and ruin credit reports. Luckily, credit reports are fixable, but the process isn’t always easy. Because they are skeptical, creditors and credit reporting agencies often slow down recovery efforts. At Credit Repair Lawyers of America, we know how to deal with these organizations, so we get fraudulent accounts and unauthorized transactions removed from your credit reports faster. We even write the necessary dispute letters on your behalf and double check your documents.

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    Calling a Halt to Debt Collector Harassment

    Constant calls and letters from debt collectors are never welcome, but the situation is worse when debt collectors are rude and abusive. Unfortunately, a lot of harassed Florida consumers don’t speak out because they are embarrassed or think they have no rights because they owe money. However, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects all consumers from debt collector harassment. So, when debt collectors threaten you, use foul language with you, and call at all hours, they violate the FDCPA. We can make the abuse stop and possibly make the abusive debt collector pay you for damages.

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    Calling a Halt to Debt Collector Harassment

    Providing Credit Repair to Consumers since 2008

    Our clients often ask us how free credit repair is possible, and the answer is simple. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires the defendants in settled cases to pay our costs and fees. So our clients never pay anything out of pocket for the work we do.

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