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    Remove Errors and Mistakes from Your Credit Reports for a Better Credit Score

    Most  New Yorkers have flawed credit reports. Creditors and credit bureaus often make mistakes with consumer data, and this leads to credit report inaccuracies. This is unfair, and, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it’s unlawful. Luckily, though, New Yorkers can now get credit report repair – by calling Credit Repair Lawyers of America. Our status as a law firm enables us force lenders and credit bureaus into FCRA compliance.

    Errors Found on Credit Reports in NY

    The mishandling of consumer information results in many types of credit reporting errors, but some mistakes are more common than others. Here are the inaccuracies that we most often discover on New York credit reports.

    Free Credit Report Repair

    Expired Delinquencies: Sometimes consumers damage their own credit reports by mismanaging accounts, but these delinquencies eventually expire. When time runs out on these negative items, they should disappear. If they remain, then they become errors.

    Mismerged Credit Files: Credit bureaus frequently confuse credit files belonging to people with the same name, especially if they live in the same town or household. So, if you have a common name like Fred Jones, you may find an account on your credit file that actually belongs to a different Fred Jones. Or, for example, Fred Jones Senior’s info might end up on Fred Jones Junior’s credit report.

    Inaccurate Information from Creditors: When creditors cause credit report errors, it is normally because they report the wrong info to the credit bureaus. Sometimes lenders only supply part of the identifying info, and this leads to credit file mix-ups.

    ID Theft Damage: Credit reporting agencies are not responsible for unauthorized transactions and charges caused by id theft. Yet, if a credit bureau fails to remove these items after they are correctly disputed, then they become liable.

    New Yorkers have Rights to Credit Report Repair

    The FCRA requires accuracy in credit reporting and entitles New York consumers to clean credit reports. At Credit Repair Lawyers of America, we stand up for your rights by cleaning up credit reports. If you are unsure about whether or not your credit reports contain errors, give us a call. We will arrange for you to securely send us your credit reports so that we can review them together. New York clients pay nothing for this service, regardless of whether or not we find mistakes.

    If we do find errors on one or more of your credit reports, then we will expertly write dispute letters on your behalf and mail them to the correct creditors and credit reporting agencies. If this doesn’t get the job done, then we file lawsuits against the responsible parties. Often, in addition to paying our costs and fees, the defendants in settled cases are required to pay up to $1,000 in damages to our clients.

    Get Legal Help with Your Free Credit Report Repair Now

    Let’s talk today about how we can help you with your credit issues. Call attorney Carl Schwartz at (855) 956-2089 to for a free, no obligation consultation, or email him through our contact page.

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