Generally speaking, folks from New Jersey are straight shooters who don’t take crap from anyone. Neither should they accept the fact that their credit reports are damaged for no good reason and due to no fault of their own. We can help. Under the law, we can and do charge our fees and costs for fixing errors and mistakes on credit reports, to the credit bureaus and to those lenders that are reporting and confirming false information on people’s credit reports. We have come to New Jersey to help.

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    Why clients in many other states trust us to clean their credit reports.

    We have been repairing credit reports from errors and mistakes, at no charge, for consumers since 2008. Over the years, we have literally helped thousands of people get their credit reports free from errors and mistakes and it has not cost anyone as much as a dime.

    How We Get Paid

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a statute that allows consumers to fix their credit reports while using a credit repair lawyer. We charge our fees and costs to lenders and the credit bureaus that retain inaccurate information about you. We send them one letter and advise them of what is incorrect on your credit report. They either do the right thing and remove the inaccurate item(s) or they don’t. If they remove the illegal items, we are all set and we will have fixed your credit report at no charge. We are glad to help. If they don’t remove these items, we sue them. We get our clients the greater of actual damages or statutory damages of up to $1,000 as allowed by law. We also make the defendants in our cases pay our fees and costs. We will also get your credit report right and it will not cost you a thing.

    To learn more about “Credit Repair” check out our webpage that describes it particularly.

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    Identity Theft

    Computers have revolutionized our society for both the better and the worse. We are here for the latter. With large companies exposing your information to hackers around the world, its now easier than ever to have your identity stolen. We can fix your credit report pretty quickly, if you are the victim of identity theft. Again, it will cost you nothing to use our services.

    Debt Collection Harassment Is Illegal

    Many debt collectors think that because you owe money to their client, that they have the right harass you. They may call you at work, late at night, talk to your friends and family about your debt. Here is the good news; they don’t have that right. Even better, we sue debt collectors that harass and abuse our clients. We can get you monetary damages and stop the harassing telephone calls. Again, it won’t cost you anything to use our services. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, we can and do collect our fees and costs from the Defendants.

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    How do we provide credit repair?

    Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), the law that we use, the credit bureaus and lenders are responsible for paying our fees and costs. Therefore, we can get both your credit report fixed and credit repaired at no charge to you.

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