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    How to Remove Errors and Mistakes from Your Credit Reports

    Most Illinois consumers don’t realize that about 80% of credit reports are inaccurate in some way. Also, many of these flawed credit reports contain errors that can harm credit scores. Because of this, thousands of Americans have low credit scores. At Credit Repair Lawyers of America, we don’t think this is fair, so we’ve made it our business to provide credit repair services.

    We work under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to remove credit report errors. In cases where creditors and credit reporting agencies fail to cooperate with our requests, we file lawsuits on behalf of our clients under the same federal statute. In successful actions, the FCRA requires the defendants to pay our costs and fees. This is how we’re able to offer our services at no charge to you.

    Common Errors Found on Credit Reports

    Creditors and credit reporting agencies often mishandle or make mistakes with consumer information. Unfortunately, this carelessness often leads to credit report damage. Here are some the more common errors that we find:

    • Unauthorized Charges and Fraudulent Accounts: Incorrect items such as these are normally found on credit reports belonging to victims of identity theft.
    • Discrepancies among Credit Reporting Agencies: Sometimes account information updates with one or two credit bureaus, but not all three. So a paid debt may still appear as “unpaid” on one of your credit reports.
    • Expired Debt: All negative credit report items expire after a certain amount of time, and expired items are supposed to be removed from credit reports. However, sometimes items go beyond these expiration dates due to carelessness from the credit bureaus.
    • Mismerged Data: Information belonging to two consumers with the same name often gets confused by the credit reporting agencies. This happens especially often with juniors and seniors who live in the same city or household.
    • Misreporting Due to Incomplete Personal Information: Mixed up credit file information occurs frequently when creditors report incomplete information. For example, if they only provide a partial name and address to the credit bureaus, this information might end up on a file belonging to a consumer with a similar name or address.
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    You Deserve Accurate Credit Reports

    Under FCRA, you are entitled to error-free and accurate credit reports, and the experienced attorneys at Credit Repair Lawyers of America will help you protect your rights. If you’re unsure about whether or not there are mistakes on your credit reports, give us a call, and we’ll go over them together. In some settled cases, our clients receive up to $1,000 in damages.

    We offer free credit report reviews to all Illinois residents. Simply send us copies of your credit reports, and we’ll go over them together. If we find errors or mistakes, we’ll write the correct dispute letter on your behalf and send it to the appropriate credit reporting agency. If the agency refuses to remove the item(s) from your credit report, we’ll file a lawsuit against them and the lenders who provided the bad information.

    Talk To A Credit Repair Lawyer for Free

    Let’s start a conversation about how we can help you with your credit issues. Call attorney Gary Nitzkin at (312) 467-7380 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation, or email him through our contact page.

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