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    With The Internet & Emerging Technologies, The Risk For Identity Theft Increases

    We have been cleaning up credit reports from identity theft since 2007. We have gone after the credit reporting agencies and lenders when they refuse to clean up our clients’ credit reports. The best part is that we make them pay our fees and costs so it costs you nothing out of pocket.

    Resolve Issues With Creditors and Collection Agencies

    Many times creditors and collection agencies refuse to believe that our clients are truly the victims of identity theft. We make believers out of them when they refuse to remove the negative information from credit reports caused by identity thieves. We file lawsuits that cost our clients nothing out of pocket. We collect our fees and costs from the lenders and credit reporting agencies that we sue.

    Negotiating With Credit Card Companies For Resolution Of Fraudulent Charges

    Under the law, if a fraudulent charge appears on your credit card statement, you have the right to dispute it within 60 days of when the bogus charge appears. Many times, even if you timely dispute the charge, the credit card company will give you a hard time. That’s where we come in. We sue the lenders and credit card companies and make them not only remove bogus charges from your credit card account, but we also make them pay our fees and costs. Again, our services cost you nothing out of pocket.

    Repair Your Damaged Credit Report Caused By Identity Theft

    Identity theft is still the fastest growing crime in Illinois and around the country. It has been the fastest growing crime in the last decade. There is no sign of it slowing down. In our experience, there are 2 kinds of people walking around; those who have had their identities stolen and those who WILL have them stolen. The question is what will you do when it happens to you? Call us. We will help you through it at no out of pocket charge to you.

    removing paid collections from credit report

    Has Your Credit Been Hurt Because Someone Stole Your Identity?

    Our Firm Assists Consumers Restore Their Credit After ID Theft

    This is exactly what we do. We have been repairing credit reports since 2007. We know exactly who to contact and how to reach them to get your credit report back on track after it has been hijacked by an identity thief. Under the law, our services will cost you nothing out of pocket.

    How Our Identity Theft & Credit Repair Lawyers Can Help

    Take Action & Dispute Credit Report Errors Today

    If your identity has been stolen, you need to get a copy of all 3 of your credit reports. Go to and get a copy of your actual credit reports. Next, review each credit report and circle the bogus tradelines, addresses, name variations on it. Then go to your local police station and make a police report. Be sure to identify every incorrect item on your credit reports in the police report. Finally, call us. We will take it from there for you at no out of pocket charge to you.

    Identity Theft Can Happen To Anyone

    Our Illinois Law Firm Mobilizes To Repair Our Client’s’
    Credit History & Reputations

    Unfortunately, many of our clients first learn that their identities have been stolen when they apply for a car, apartment or a mortgage loan. It’s not only embarrassing, but often, depressing to be denied credit for something.

    Illinois Credit Repair Lawyers For Identity Theft Victims

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Illinois Identity Theft Law Firm

    Identity thieves typically open accounts in their victims names, receive goods or services and do not pay the bill. An identity thief can drop your credit score like a stone in water and as quickly too.

    – You should use a bit of prevention and much of it can be stopped. Purchase a shredder for your home or business. Old bank and credit card statements should be shredded and not thrown out.

    -Challenge anyone who asks you for your address, date of birth, password or social security number. You find out why they need it.

    -Contacted by email from your bank or software vendor? Just know that they will never ask you for your password. Better yet, call the bank in response to such an email and talk to someone at the branch.

    -Review your credit card statements every month. Make sure the charges are yours.

    -Do not use public wifi (including airports and hotels) to transmit confidential information unless you are using a VPN.

    Sometimes you will be contacted by a debt collector for a debt that you never incurred. Other times, many of our clients learn about identity theft when they apply for a car or home loan. Those are especially bad times to learn about identity theft.

    Yes. That is what we do. We get the incorrect information off of your credit report and restore your credit to what it should be. We can also give you advice on how to build your credit even higher. Credit is not a mystery to us and neither should it be a mystery to you.

    What Our Clients Say About Our Credit Repair Lawyers

    With the assistance of Credit Repair Lawyers of America, I have learned to be patient, ask questions and let the professionals do their job. They identified a major error on my credit report, and as a result, I am more conscientious and knowledgeable about what’s entailed on my credit report. The process seemed long but there was a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Thanks Credit Repair Lawyers of America, you are appreciated.

    Thanks Credit Repair Lawyers of America, you are appreciated.

    Yolanda Harrel-Fenton


    They been helping me for years monitoring my credit and fixing error I don’t catch, great team.

    Katy Rodriguez

    5.0 ★★★★★

    I love the results that I received from Credit Repair Lawyers. All my questions were answered and I didn’t have to wait.

    Carla Piersen

    5.0 ★★★★★

    This company was very helpful with my case. They kept me informed and it was a very smooth experience.

    Quonya Williams

    5.0 ★★★★★

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