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    You Don’t Have to Live with Mistakes and Errors on Your Credit Reports

    Flawed credit reports are not at all uncommon. In fact, about 80% of credit reports contain errors, and credit scores are damaged by approximately half of these inaccuracies. In other words, most Arizona consumers need credit repair services. Luckily, for residents of the Grand Canyon State, we provide these services.

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    Common Credit Report Errors

    Credit report errors happen when creditors and credit reporting agencies carelessly handle consumer information. These mistakes commonly lead to the following types of credit report damage:

    Filed for Bankruptcy?: You are even at greater risk for credit reporting errors.

    Obsolete trade lines: Most negative credit report items expire after seven to ten years. However, credit reporting agencies often overlook expiration dates and continue to report old debt on consumer credit reports.

    Mixed Credit Files: If another person has a common name or shares a name with a parent or child, then their credit info often ends up on the wrong credit report. For example, if two Jane Smiths live in the same town, an unpaid bill belonging to Jane Smith number one might end up on Jane Smith number two’s credit report. Or, John Smith Jr’s late credit card payment may accidentally show up in John Smith Sr’s file.

    Incomplete or Inaccurate Information: Creditors don’t always report complete consumer information to the credit bureaus, and this also causes mix-ups on credit reports. Or, even worse, lenders may report completely incorrect names and addresses to the credit reporting agencies.

    Identity Theft Damage: When consumers report identity theft to creditors and credit bureaus, these organizations are supposed to investigate disputed items and remove them from credit reports. Yet, prompt removal doesn’t always happen, and unauthorized charges and accounts remain on credit reports as errors.

    Arizonians Deserve Accurate Credit Reports

    Arizona consumers don’t have to live with lower credit scores brought down by flawed credit reports. Fortunately, because of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), consumers are entitled to error-free credit reports, and Credit Repair Lawyers of America in Arizona can help protect your rights. Because of this, we remove inaccuracies from credit reports, and some of our clients even receive payments for damages.

    If you’re not sure about whether or not credit report errors are bringing down your credit score then call us for a free credit report review. We’ll go over your credit reports with you and find any mistakes and errors. At that time, we will write dispute letters to the appropriate creditors and credit reporting agencies on your behalf. If these organizations comply with our requests, great. Then your credit reports are clean and you pay nothing. If, however, the lenders and credit bureaus don’t cooperate, we file lawsuits against them, and you still pay nothing out of pocket. In fact, under the FCRA, the defendants in successful actions are required to cover our costs and fees.

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