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Credit Repair in Ohio

Local credit repair services near Columbus, OH, and close to surrounding cities. Our experienced credit repair attorneys will review your credit report and fix errors and mistakes on your credit report.

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Correcting Credit Reports For Better Credit Scores

Many people out of Ohio may have lower credit scores than they should, due to errors and mistakes on their credit reports. In fact, about 80% of credit reports contain errors of some kind, and many of these mistakes are severe enough to damage credit scores. At the local Law Firm of Gary D. Nitzkin, P.C., we’re dedicated to credit repair where we both fix flawed credit reports and improve our clients’ credit scores.

  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) entitles Ohio consumers to accurate credit reports. So, we work under this statute in order to remove credit report errors.
  • First, we send dispute letters to the appropriate creditors or credit reporting agencies. Then, if these creditors do not cooperate, we file lawsuits against them.
  • These services cost our clients absolutely nothing, because the FCRA requires the defendants in settled cases to pay our costs and fees.
How to Fix your own credit report....and why you should not go it alone
Credit Repair

The Most Common Credit Report Errors

Believe it or not, the organizations responsible for your credit report information are usually the culprits behind credit report errors. Lenders and credit bureaus often create errors on consumer info, and these mistakes leads to the following:

Expired Negative Items: All negative marks on credit reports eventually expire. When an item is due for deletion, it is up to the credit reporting agencies to remove it. However, they sometimes fail to do this, and the item remains on the credit report as an error.

Inaccurately Assigned Items: Sometimes a mistake occurs, and paid accounts are listed as “unpaid” on credit reports.

Crossed Files: Credit report information linked to people with similar names (or juniors and seniors with the same name) often gets confused. It’s hard for credit reporting agencies to keep such files separated, especially if the similarly named people live in the same city or house.

Incomplete Identifying Data: Creditors are infamous for supplying the credit bureaus with partial data. This is why consumers often find items on their credit reports that actually belong to another person with a similar name and/or address.

Identity Theft Damage: Victims of identity theft typically dispute fraudulent credit report items. However, the lenders and credit bureaus sometimes fail to remove these unauthorized items from credit reports. At this point, the items are legit errors.

Your Legal Right to Accurate Credit Reports

Ohio people deserve error-free credit reports, and the FCRA demands credit report accuracy. This is why the Law Firm of Gary D. Nitzkin, P.C. provides credit repair services. Even if you’re unsure about whether or not there are mistakes on your credit reports, our help is available. Just send us the most recent copies of your credit reports, and we’ll review them with you.

If we don’t find errors or mistakes, you’ll get the comfort that all is right with your credit reports. However, if we find any errors, we will write dispute letters on your behalf and mail them to the correct lenders and credit reporting agencies. If this gets the job done, great! Your credit reports are clean, and you pay nothing. On the other hand, if the dispute letters don’t work, we go a step further and file lawsuits, and you still pay nothing out of pocket. No matter what we need to do, our services are reliable always  to our clients. Also, in some settled cases, our clients even receive payment for damages.

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