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    Credit Repair in California

    Many Californians assume that their credit reports are accurate, but there’s a good chance that they’re wrong. Sadly, about 80% of credit reports are damaged by errors made by creditors and credit bureaus. Luckily, though, Cali residents can now get these errors removed from their credit reports.

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    Errors Often Found on Credit Reports

    Both the lenders and credit bureaus that are responsible for handling consumer information frequently make mistakes. This carelessness leads to several different types of credit report errors, but these are the most common.

    Expired Trade Lines: Negative credit report information usually expires after seven to ten years. So, once the time clock runs out on delinquent accounts, they should disappear. If, however, the credit bureaus overlook these old accounts, they might stay on credit reports as errors.

    Mixed Credit Files: People who have a common name, or a name shared by a parent or child, are in danger of having their credit files mixed by credit reporting agencies. This happens even more often if the similarly named individuals live in the same town or household.

    Identity Theft Damage: Victims of ID theft should first report the incident, then dispute fraudulent charges and accounts on their credit reports. These bogus items should come off their credit reports, but if the credit bureaus fail to remove them, then they become inaccuracies.

    Incomplete or Wrong Identifying Information: Creditors sometimes only report partial info to identify consumers, or they get it entirely wrong. This makes it hard for the credit bureaus to keep credit files straight, and accounts end up on the wrong credit reports.

    Bankruptcy Errors: There is a high risk of credit report errors for bankruptcy filers because creditors don’t always report discharged debt correctly. There may also be mistakes with dates, payment expectations (Chapter 13), and reaffirmed debt (Chapter 7).

    Get the Accurate Credit Reports You Deserve

    Californians don’t have to watch their credit scores drop because of flawed credit reports. According to a federal statute called the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), consumer credit reports must be both accurate and free of errors. Credit Repair Lawyers of America works under the FCRA to clean up credit reports.

    If you’re not sure about whether or not there are mistakes on your credit reports, call us for a free credit report review. After requesting your latest credit reports from, send them to us, and we’ll go over them together. Then, if we find errors, we’ll sent out dispute letters on your behalf to the correct creditors and credit reporting agencies, but we don’t stop there. If they refuse to comply with our requests, then we file lawsuits against them. Fortunately, the FCRA requires the defendants in successful actions to cover both our costs and fees. This is how our clients pay nothing for our services and sometimes even receive damage payments.

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