Debt Collector Harassment in California

Arguably, debt collector harassment is one of the biggest problems faced by California consumers, even though it is seldom discussed. Most people are too ashamed to talk about their experiences with abusive debt collectors, and also they feel like they have nowhere to turn for help. However, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), all consumers are entitled to respectful treatment from debt collectors.

How Debt Collectors in California Commonly Violate the FDCPA

Debt collector harassment takes many forms, but these are the abusive tactics we most frequently see in California. Debt collectors:
• Discuss debts with third parties such as family members, friends, and coworkers.
• Call before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM (pst). Abusive debt collectors also call consumers at work even when they are told that it’s inconvenient.
• Yell, use harsh language, and berate consumers on the phone. If a debt collector says anything unprofessional to you, then it is NOT okay.
• Inflate the size of consumer debt. For example, debt collectors try to make extra profit by charging unlawful fees.
• Threaten consumers with penalties that they can’t or won’t inflict. For example, debt collectors cannot put you in jail or take your property, so they may not threaten you with these actions.

Credit Repair Lawyers of America man harassed by debt collectors

End Debt Collector Harassment – and Make Them Pay YOU

California residents relentlessly hounded by debt collectors don’t have to take the abuse. Simply call Credit Repair Lawyers of America in California, and we will finally stop the harassment here and now. Our clients pay nothing because, under the FDCPA, the defendants in successful actions are required to cover our costs and fees. In some cases, in fact, our clients receive damage payments from debt collectors that violate the FDCPA.

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