EquityExperts.org is a sleazy debt collector that represents homeowners associations. This company goes after consumers and attempts to charge them these outlandish and obnoxious fees as their compensation for collection.

Here is the problem:

The fees that they collect are, in my opinion, illegal. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, (“FDCPA”), a debt collector may only collect money for which the consumer is liable under contract or statute. EquityExperts.org collects fees that they unilaterally assess and have little basis in reality. That violates the FDCPA.

For example:

In many of these cases, the fees that EquityExperts.org charged were absolutely staggering. For example, in one case Equity Experts was hired to collect a $210 balance for past due condominium association fees. However, they sought to collect $4,020 from the same homeowner. This is unconscionable. Despite our numerous lawsuits against it, EquityExperts.org continues these unconscionable practices of charging fees and costs that are not entitled to collect. As a Consumer’s Rights Attorney, these practices sicken me.

If Equity Experts has pursued you for a delinquent debt in the past year for any amount, please contact us for a free no obligation consultation. We may be able to recover any funds that they may have overcharged you plus additional damages, costs and attorney’s’ fees. It won’t cost you anything out of pocket because under the law, we make them pay our fees and costs.

Call or email me, Attorney Gary Nitzkin at (404) 591-6680 or [email protected] today if you have been victimized by EquityExperts.org.