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How Our Credit Report Review & Repair Program Works

Just get us your credit reports (you can get them for free from or and we will review them for free.

If we find anything that looks wrong on your report, we will draft a dispute letter for you to review and approve, and send it off to the credit bureau(s). If they don’t fix it, we will sue the bureau and the lender that is reporting the incorrect information.

We charge our fees only from the recoveries that we get on your behalf. This is part of our No Out of Pocket Litigation program.

Items on your credit report, both positive and negative, must be accurate and not misleading. While we cannot remove any negative information that is accurate and not misleading, you may be surprised to learn how many things are either inaccurate and/or misleading. These kinds of items can and should be removed.

How our Free Auto Pilot Program Works

If you are very concerned about keeping your credit report in the best shape possible, join our Free Auto Pilot Program. Just give us your credit monitoring credentials and we will obtain your credit reports once ever two months and review them for free.

If we find anything that we can fix on them, we will notify you and send you a dispute letter to approve. If you approve that dispute letter, we will send it to the credit bureau on your behalf. There is no charge for this program. Its like a creditor monitoring program only better. You have seasoned pros reviewing your credit reports, looking for anything that can help improve your credit standing.

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Get a free copy of your credit report

You can get a free copy of your credit reports from once a week during the pandemic. This is how the credit bureaus have decided to help people is to give them free access to their credit reports. You can do that today or if you have credentials, you can always get your free credit reports there, too.

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Call us today, or better yet, get us your credit reports for review. Call Attorney Gary Nitzkin at or call toll free (404) 591-6680.


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