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Credit Repair Lawyers of America in Minnesota

We are pleased to expand our Free Credit Repair Program to the people of Minnesota. You Betcha! Your credit score determines your life style that you have and that which is possible. Credit scores damages occur through identity theft and through mistakes by the credit reporting agencies such as Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. We are here to fix credit reports for the citizens of Minnesota, for free. We want to upgrade your lifestyle.

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Your credit score can get damaged so many ways today, without you ever knowing about it. Identity theft is rampant. Most people learn of identity theft when a debt collector calls or when they get turned down for a loan. It’s humiliation that you don’t deserve.

Worse yet, the credit bureaus do a less than adequate job of reporting information on your credit report. When people discover an error on their credit report, the bureaus are supposed to conduct a reasonable re-investigation. You would laugh (or cry) if you knew what they considered to be a reasonable re-investigation.

After all, to them you are nothing more than a number. To us, you are a fellow human being who has rights that we will zealously guard and protect.

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Debt collector harassment lawyers in Minneapolis MN

Harassed by a debt collector?

We can stop the calls and get you paid!

Debt collectors and collection agencies can go to pretty low levels to take your money. Many of these bottom feeders do not know or respect your rights under law. We know your rights and stand up to these sleazy debt collectors and buyers..

We also stop debt collector harassment under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Just like the FCRA, our fees and costs are paid for by the defendants in any successful action.

If you even think that your rights have been violated by a debt collector or that there is anything incorrect about your credit report, call us today for a free no obligation consultation at (612) 235-4458. Or email me, Attorney Gary Nitzkin at gary@crlam.com.

How do we provide free credit repair?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), the law that we use, the credit bureaus and lenders are responsible for paying our fees and costs. Hence, we can get your credit report fixed and clean at no charge to you.

Victim of Identity Theft

Identity Theft Lawyer

Minnesota is one state that truly recognizes the gravity of identity theft. One MN law allows you to freeze your credit report from new account fraud. All a Minnesota resident has to do to freeze his or her credit report is simply contact one of the credit bureaus and ask for a freeze. You don’t have to be a victim of identity theft to make this request. You get a PIN and can thaw your credit report for those times that you wish to apply for credit.

Debt Collectors Call

Stop Debt Collectors

Debt collectors and collection agencies are living proof that abuse and harassment comes in many forms for today’s consumers and business owners; via telephone, email, text and sometimes even via social media. Credit Repair Lawyers of America in Minnesota is living proof that such debt collection abuse is not tolerated under federal or state law. Our team of Minnesota credit law attorneys make the debt collectors pay you.

Credit Card Disputes

Credit Card Disputes

Have you ever charged something to your credit card and not received what you had expected? We remind financial institutions that consumers can file lawsuits under the Fair Credit Billing Act don’t have to pay for goods or services that they did not receive. If you ever have charges on your credit card for a good or service that you did not receive or was vastly different than what you order, call us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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We fix errors and mistakes on credit reports. By using the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) we can get errors and mistakes taken off of your credit report. Here are some common ways that your credit score can get damaged:

  1. Identity theft – Someone steals your identity, opens credit in your name and fails to pay the debts. Like that old country song goes; they get the mine; you get the shaft.
  2. Mismerge – Someone has a name similar to yours. Many times, their credit information can end up on your credit report. This happens a lot with fathers and sons (Sr./Jr.) especially when they live in the same household.
  3. Lender Errors – there are numerous classes of lender errors. They range from a simply as reporting you 30 days late for a timely payment to reporting that your account has been charged off when you file a bankruptcy with a plan for repayment.
  4. Credit Bureau Errors – Like Mismerge, they might place a judgment on your credit report because someone with a similar name has a judgment.

You don’t have to tolerate any of this any longer.

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