For Georgia consumers looking to end their impulse buying habits, here are a few tips on how to break this potentially dangerous cycle.

Buying an item or two on a whim here and there seems pretty harmless. In fact, most Georgia consumers who habitually engage in impulse buying don’t see the danger in their actions. Eventually, they rack up high credit card balances, run out of money to pay bills on time, and damage their credit scores over purchases that seemed harmless enough at the time. Luckily, impulse buying is a fairly easy problem to correct. As long as consumers in Georgia realize that their spending habits are harmful, they can reign them in before draining their bank accounts or inflating their credit card debt.

Four Easy Ways for Georgia Consumers to Stop Impulse Buying Tendencies

Even if Georgia consumers have already damaged their finances and credit scores through impulse buying, they can turn things around. They can end the destructive spending and rebuild their credit scores with the right credit repair plan. First and foremost, they must create realistic budgets and stick to these budges even when temptation strikes.

Always wait at least a day before making an unplanned purchase.

Consumers in Georgia who find themselves tempted to buy items that are not in their budgets should step back and think for at least 24 hours. Then, some of these consumers may find that the desire to make the purchase disappears within hours of leaving a store or website. On the other hand, other Georgia consumers who still want the items in question may find them for better prices elsewhere.

Make a list before visiting a store, and only purchase items on this list.

Georgia shoppers who are prone to impulse buying should arm themselves with detailed lists and a lot of willpower before heading out the door. Your list essentially serves as your “battleplan” when entering any type of store. Just grab the items on your list, checking them off as you go. Then, once you’ve checked everything off, you’re done.

Leave your debit and credit cards at home, and shop with cash.

This is a good strategy for Georgia consumers who deviate from shopping lists. For the best protection against impulse buying, only bring enough cash on your shopping outing to cover the cost of necessary items. By leaving debit and credit cards at home, you make it impossible to buy extra items – no matter how tempting they seem.

Only shop at brick and mortar stores for a while.

For most consumers in Georgia, it is a little easier to reign in spending a brick on mortar stores. Unfortunately, when shopping online, it is all-too easy for consumers to click and pay before realizing the harm they’ve done to their budgets. Yes, online shopping is an incredibly convenient way to purchase items, but it is almost too convenient for consumers who habitually overspent.

Why Georgia Consumers Working to Improve their Credit Scores Should Regularly Check their Credit Reports

Once they have impulse buying under control, Georgia consumers may need to pay down high credit card balances. In many cases, this should increase their credit scores. Then, in order to protect these growing credit scores, consumers should check their credit reports at least once every 12 months. This may come as a surprise, but about 80% of Georgia credit reports are flawed in some way. This is because creditors and the credit bureaus frequently make mistakes with consumer information. These mistakes then show up as credit report errors that may damage credit scores.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) entitles consumers in Georgia and other states to accurate credit reports. However, you must find the inaccuracies in order to have them removed. So, go to to request your free annual copies of your credit reports from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

While reviewing your credit reports, if you find credit score damaging errors and mistakes, contact Credit Repair Lawyers of America. Instead of handling the dispute process on your own, let our team of in-house credit pros do the work for you. You’ll also get access to an experienced credit attorney who will do whatever it takes to get you clean credit reports – legally and for free.

The Free and Legal way to Get Better Credit in Georgia

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