In order to protect themselves, Pennsylvania consumers should know how fraudsters use Social Security numbers to commit identity theft.Discovering that your identity has been stolen can paralyze you. Millions of people have had to consult a lawyer, which speaks to the prevalence of the crime. Getting a Credit Repair lawyer is the first thing on a lot of people’s minds as they seek to clean up their credit from identity theft. That is just one of the many remedies if you find yourself a victim of id theft. Let’s get right to them.

  1. Seek out a credit repair lawyer

If you fall victim to identity theft, you have to get your credit report cleaned up.  This is why getting an identity theft attorney is vital. ID theft lawyers come in quite handy when you have to sue data furnishers that refuse to remove items from your credit report that don’t belong to you.  You do not want to fight this fight all by yourself, especially if you do not know your way around the legal lingo. Get yourself a stolen identity lawyer to help you recover your stolen identity.

  1. Notify your bank and creditors immediately

Finding out that your identity has been stolen is traumatizing, but you must break out of that trauma trance immediately and contact your bank and creditors. Let them know that some unscrupulous person may try to use your debit or credit cards so that they can take necessary action. Making such a report, timely, will prevent further fraudulent transactions being made in your name. The longer you wait to make this report, the harder it will be to clean up your credit report.  It will leave you in a precarious position; with lots of questions to answer in the future.

  1. Put a fraud alert on your credit report

We all know how a bad credit score can cripple you financially. A stolen identity, with someone manipulating your finances, accelerates the damage to your credit score. A fraud alert is free to put in place and will make it difficult for malicious actors to set up an account in your name. Do not let id theft derail your financial future.

  1. Contact the police

Securing a police report will help shield you from the risk of further damage if you need help with identity fraud. Lawyers for identity theft victims can also benefit from a police report since it gives their cases strong backing in case a lawsuit is filed.

  1. Change all affected account passwords

This sounds like a simple common sense cause of action, yet it is so largely overlooked. Make changes to passwords on all affected accounts. It’s also okay to change the passwords of all your accounts both affected and non-affected if you wish to be sure. You should also put in place some identity theft protection measures when it comes to passwords. Do not use passwords that anyone can think off while half asleep. Use diverse alphanumeric passwords that are almost impossible to guess, to reduce the chances of having to meet an identity fraud lawyer.


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