Credit Repair Lawyers Give Advice On Spotting Debt Collector Scams

One way that people are getting scammed is through fraudulent debt collector calls. The caller says that you owe a certain amount of money and tells you to send money through a gift card or prepaid credit card. They sometimes threaten an urgent due date. 

The person getting scammed worries that their credit score will be badly affected if they don’t pay this debt. Or the scammer tells them they could get in serious trouble if they don’t pay the due immediately. 

Confusion mixed with an urgent timeline can result in people doing things before thinking it through clearly. Always take a minute to step away and ask yourself if the situation makes sense. There are some tips to look for that would indicate a scam. 

Man Stressed Out Due To Fake Debt Collectors Calling About Unpaid Debts

Clues On How To Recognize A Debt Collection Scam 

There are many ways that a scammer can get people to send them money. Or sometimes, they just want the sensitive personal information that they can use for identity theft. Always be extra careful and get a 2nd opinion before sending anyone money through gift cards or cash, or giving out your personal bank information. Credit lawyers can also help you identify if you are dealing with a real debt collector or a scammer. 

Watch for these clues if they: 

  • Withhold information
  • Threaten jail time
  • Threaten to tell family and friends
  • Give an urgent timeline
  • Ask for personal information
  • Ask for cash or a prepaid card to send to them
  • Claim to be a government official
  • Call outside of business hours 

If you feel pressure from the person or they try to make you fearful, it’s time to contact a professional. Even if the phone call is legitimate, no one should be threatening you to pay your debts. Contact a credit lawyer or the authorities if you feel in danger. 

How To Tell If A Debt Collector Is Legitimate

You can find out for sure if a debt collector call is real. Here are a few things you can try to discover for yourself before you take any action: 

  • Contact the company directly and ask about the claim
  • Check your credit report to see if the debt is showing up
  • Ask them for a callback number
  • Know your rights

Debt collectors are not allowed to tell your family or your employers about your debt. Do not let anyone make you feel intimidated. And file a complaint if you feel uncomfortable after a call. When you go through these tips, you will be able to reveal whether the call was authentic or a scam. 

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