Because of FDCPA protections, there are things that debt collectors can and cannot do to Ohio consumers with delinquencies.

Debt collectors may threaten Ohio consumers with a variety of actions. Of course, debt collectors can, in many cases, sue consumers over unpaid debt. Yet, certain rules apply when it comes to this type of legal action. All consumers in Ohio should know that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects debtors against debt collection agents who make idle threats. This federal statute also regulates legal action against consumers who owe debts.

Also, if debt collectors overstep the boundaries imposed by the FDCPA, consumers can turn around and sue them. This is why it is important for everyone in Ohio to know their rights when it comes to dealing with debt collectors.

Two Cases in Which Dealing with Debt Collectors Can Turn into Jail Time for Ohio Consumers

Typically, there are only two types of debt that can send Ohio consumers to jail. First, if you don’t pay your taxes for an extended period of time, this is considered a federal crime. Therefore, you can incur a jail sentence for this negligence. Second, if you ignore notices about child support payments, you are in contempt of court. This type of violation usually results in up to six months of jail time.

One exception involving jail time and debt in Ohio involves court orders. If a debt collector obtains a court judgment against an Ohio debtor, the court can order this individual to appear in court. Then, if the person fails to appear, the judge can issue an arrest warrant. At this point, the consumer might end up in jail, but not because they failed to pay a debt. In this type of case, the real violation is ignoring a court order.

When and How Debt Collectors Can Sue Ohio Consumers Over Unpaid Debt

Debt collectors can sue Ohio consumers over past-due civil debts. These types of debts include unpaid loans, credit card balances, student loans, and overdue medical bills. If you receive a notice of legal action from a creditor or debt collector, do not ignore it. In many cases, if you don’t show up in court to defend yourself, the judge awards the creditor or debt collection agency a default judgment. This could result in a wage garnishment or bank account levy.

On the other hand, when Ohio residents take the time to research a filed lawsuit, they may discover that the debt collector is suing in error. The debt might not belong to them, or it may have expired. Fortunately, most types of debt carry a statute of limitations. This means that creditors and debt collectors only have a certain amount of time in which to sue you for the amount owed. Unfortunately, some debt collectors may try to take Ohio consumers to court over expired debt. This is why you should get all of your facts straight before appearing in court – and get legal representation.

How Ohio Consumers Should Deal with Abusive Debt Collectors that Violate the FDCPA

If a debt collector threatens an Ohio consumer with jail time, the consumer should know that this type of threat violates the FDCPA. A debt collection agent may also not threaten to take your property. In addition, debt collectors are prohibited from using abusive language with Ohio consumers, discussing their debts with third parties, and calling repeatedly at all hours of the night and morning. Therefore, if you experience any of these types of harassment from a debt collector, you can make them stop.

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Stop Debt Collector Harassment in Ohio – Legally and for Free

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