Did you have a mortgage when you went into Chapter 13? You could be in trouble.

Fraud victims in California should know about reload scams and sucker lists in order to protect themselves from future problems.

You were probably screwed on  your credit report by your mortgage lender.  Mortgage loans are not dischargable in bankruptcy, yet your mortgage lender probably reported your trade line as “included in bankruptcy.”  Guess what?  Your mortgage loan was NOT included in BK.  Hence, if you made payments to your lender AFTER you filed Chapter 13, your post petition payments are not showing  up on your credit report.  YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE BENEFIT OF TIMELY MADE PAYMENTS.  Look at your credit report and see if that happened.  Remember that 35% of your credit score is made up of timely made payments.  When your mortgage lender reports your mortgage loan as “included in bankruptcy”, it usually does not report a loan balance.  Without a loan balance, there is no way for the lender to report your timely made loan payments.  Your credit score is getting unnecessarily damaged!

Better yet, have us look at your credit report for free.  We can get it fixed, get your credit score raised for the timely made payments and get you damages of up to $1,000 or more.   Call me, Attorney Gary Nitzkin at Credit Repair Lawyers of America at (888) 293-2882 or email me at [email protected].

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