Florida consumers and those traveling in the state should use extra caution at gas stations because credit card skimmers are on the rise.

According to recent reports, credit card skimmers at Florida gas stations are on the rise. State inspectors have already found more credit card skimmers on gas pumps in the first few months of 2017 than in all of last year. For Florida consumers who are unfamiliar with credit card skimmers, they are devices designed to steal debit and credit card information. They fit over payment card slots on gas pumps, and most of them are very hard to detect. Some skimmers have wireless connectivity to allow thieves to record payment information via Bluetooth from a car parked nearby. There are even skimmers that can record pin numbers used for debit cards. So, all Florida consumers and anyone traveling by car in Florida should be on the lookout for suspicious-looking devices on gas pumps.

How Florida Fraudsters and Identity Thieves Make Money with Credit Card Skimmers

Data collected from recovered credit card skimmers in Florida tells a frightening story. Authorities report that, on average, the skimmers they found held about 100 credit card number each. Normally, based on past figures, every credit card number is used to steal about $1,000. So, fraudsters can potentially make up to $100,000 for every illegally placed skimmer.

On the other hand, identity thieves can take the information they gather from credit card skimmers and use it to create fraudulent credit cards. All it takes is the necessary data, a $359 card embosser, and a few blank magnetic cards. Armed with a fraudulent card, an identity thief can most likely inflict even more financial and credit report damage on an unsuspecting Florida consumer.

5 Steps Florida Consumers Can Take to Protect Themselves against Credit Card Skimmers at Gas Stations

Again, credit card skimmers are often difficult to detect at gas pumps, but there are preventive measures to take. Anyone using gas pumps in Florida should:

  • Go inside the gas station and pay with cash if possible. This is the only way to guarantee absolute protection from credit card skimmers.
  • When you have no cash, pay with a credit card instead of a debit card. This way you can at least guard your pin number. If you don’t have a credit card, run your debit card as credit to avoid using your pin number.
  • Use gas pumps that are closest to the store. Typically, fraudsters put skimmers on pumps that are farthest away.
  • Look closely at gas pump card readers. If anything looks remotely suspicious, move on to a different gas pump.
  • Check your bank and credit card statements daily and your credit reports regularly. Keeping tabs on your information is the best way to catch bogus charges and fraudulent activity committed in your name.

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