Now, it looks like some Arizona debt collection agencies are pretending to be law firms. This means that consumers should be extra cautious.

Consumers in Arizona and throughout the country should know about a story out of Charlotte, NC. Here, a debt collection agency was recently caught masquerading as a law firm. Going by the name Lombardo, Daniels, and Moss and several others, these debt collectors used this fake legal status to scare people into paying – whether they actually owed money or not. In addition to this, the debt collection agency committed several other Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) violations. Even though it happened in another state, Arizonians can learn a few things from this incident. When consumers get calls from debt collection agencies, they should ask a lot of questions. Also, there are certain red flags that reveal FDCPA violating debt collectors that are not what they say they are.

How Arizona Consumers Can Tell if Debt Collection Agencies are Lying or Violating the FDCPA

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued Lombardo, Daniels, and Moss debt collection agency for defrauding consumers out of money that they had no right to collect. The also committed the following FDCPA violations.

  • Debt collectors from this deceptive agency used harsh and abusive language when speaking to consumers.
  • They threatened individuals with arrest and jail time.
  • Agents discussed consumer debt with third parties.
  • They often failed to disclose that they were debt collectors and neglected to follow phone calls up with required written notices. Because of this, harassed consumers had no opportunity to dispute debts.

The FTC sued, fined, and put this fraudulent debt collection agency out of business. Yet, unfortunately, there are other unscrupulous agencies in Arizona and other states committing FDCPA violations against consumers. Arizonians should remember that even debt collection law firms can’t arrest people for owing money. So, if any debt collection agent attempts this tactic with you, they are out of line and breaking the law. In addition, the FDCPA prohibits representatives from debt collection agencies from engaging in any of the actions mentioned above.

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