Many Minnesota consumers don’t realize that they’re using the wrong credit cards for their needs. So, it might be time to shop for new plastic.

A lot of Minnesota consumers use credit cards to build and maintain good credit scores. Credit cards are also convenient as payment options. They allow for easy online purchases and, in several ways, they are safer to use than debit cards. However, the credit card currently in your wallet may not be the best card for your needs. There are a lot of different credit cards out there, and they offer different features and benefits. Unless you have recently explored your options, it’s possible that you’re missing out on opportunities to save money or earn rewards.

Of course, Minnesotans who are new to credit cards should stick with the plastic they have for now. Seasoned credit card veterans, on the other hand, may want to look at some of the credit card offers that they might typically ignore. Just make sure that you’re in a good position to apply for new credit. After all, you don’t want a hard inquiry on your credit reports to temporarily damage your credit score for nothing.

You’re still using your very first credit card.

For Minnesota consumers in their 30s who are still using the credit cards they acquired in their 20s, it’s probably time for an upgrade. It isn’t a good idea to carry credit card balances. However, by now, there’s a good chance that you qualify for a card that offers a better interest rate. It’s likely that you can get a higher spending limit too.

You’ve started a family and your priorities have changed.

Before kids, a credit card from a big-box store that allows for immediate savings on things like diapers and tiny socks didn’t hold much appeal. Now that you and your partner have welcomed little ones into your lives, things have changed. Suddenly, collecting air miles to use on exotic vacations isn’t your top priority, but don’t worry. Your dream trip to Peru will happen one of these days. For now, look for a credit card that will save you money on the things you need right now.

You’re using a store-branded card as your primary credit card.

Maybe your first credit card was a store-branded card because it was fairly easy to get with a limited credit history. If this credit card is usable anywhere, it’s possible that you’re still using it as your primary card out of habit. However, unless this store-branded card comes with great perks, it has probably outlived its usefulness. Now that you most likely have an established credit history, look for a credit card with a better interest rate and higher spending limit.

You often travel outside of the country with a credit card that charges foreign transaction fees.

For jet-setting consumers who think of their home in Minnesota as more of a “home base,” having the right credit card is important. Namely, you don’t want a card that charges foreign transaction fees. There are far too many options out there that allow you to shop in other countries at no extra cost.

You’ve improved your credit score and no longer have bad credit.

Some Minnesota consumers go through a rough patch with their credit and need to accept a credit card with less-than-perfect terms for a while. Credit cards designed for consumers with bad credit usually come with low spending limits and high interest rates, but they serve a good purpose. Those who need them can use these cards to rebuild their credit scores. Once your credit situation improves, though, you will most likely qualify for a credit card with a larger spending limit and more competitive interest rate.

Minnesotans who are working to rebuild a low credit score should also check their credit reports for mistakes and errors. Inaccuracies on credit reports are not at all uncommon, and having them removed can give your credit score an instant boost. Just visit to order copies of your credit report from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Then call Credit Repair Lawyers of America. We’ll go over your credit reports with you. Then we will provide you with a FREE credit repair attorney to remove any mistakes and errors we find.

The Free and Legal way to Get Better Credit

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