Why these Minnesota Nurses have Brought Debt Relief to Patients with Unpaid Medical Bills

For a lot of Minnesotans, medical debt is a huge problem. In fact, nationwide, medical debt is the number one reason for consumer bankruptcy filings. Recently, a group of Minnesota nurses have shown that they truly are angels of mercy. The Minnesota Nurses Association announced that it will be paying off $2.6 million in unpaid medical bills. About 1,800 patients in the North Star State will get unexpected debt relief and possibly a reprieve from harassing medical debt collectors. These lucky Minnesotans may also be able to get these previously unpaid accounts marked as “paid” on their credit reports. They can then reclaim their credit scores and focus on budgeting for their regular household expenses.

Why these Minnesota Nurses have Brought Debt Relief to Patients with Unpaid Medical Bills

Paying off $2.6 million in medical debt is truly an extraordinary act of generosity, and these Minnesota nurses are doing it to repay a debt that they feel they owe the community. In 2016, the Minnesota Nurses Association went on strike against Allina Health. When this happened, the community quickly banded together in support of the nurses and their cause. Clearly, the nurses didn’t forget about the community’s generosity in their time of need and decided to return the favor.

A great many Minnesota patients have been struggling with expensive co-pays and deductibles. So this group of more than 4,000 nurses determined that paying off medical debt would be the most effective way to help the community. Interestingly enough, because debt collection agencies buy consumer debt for pennies on the dollar, the nurses will only have to pay about $28,000 to clear $2.6 million of medical debt. Yes, one could argue that the nurses are getting a bargain, but for the patients receiving the debt relief, the benefits are priceless.

How Minnesota Consumers can get Help for Medical Debt Mistakes and Harassing Debt Collectors

Recent studies have shown that a lot of the medical debt that shows up on consumer credit reports isn’t entirely accurate. Sometimes hospitals overcharge or wrongfully charge patients. In fact, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) constantly receives complaints from consumers who are being pursued for medical debt that isn’t theirs.

If you are one of the Minnesota consumers who’s hassled by debt collectors about medical debt that isn’t yours, you don’t have resign yourself to endless calls and letters. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) protects your rights, and you can make the harassment stop.

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The Free and Legal way to End Debt Collector Harassment

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